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Tenders of : Naval Dockyard, Visakhapatnam
S. No. Expiry Date Title Ref No.
1 30-Jun-2016 Supply of TXRX SAILOR 6350 SET WITH SUB UNITS MAT/LPNS/WEA/2145/2015
2 7-Jul-2016 Supply of HT ALLU BRONZE BOLTS
Corrigendum available
3 30-Jun-2016 Supply of JOTRON AIS WITH ACCESSORIES MAT/LPNS/WEA/2136/2016
4 5-Jul-2016 Repairs to lead wool joints/collar joints 600mm dia RCC pipe line meghadrigedda to Naval Dockyard,Visakhapatnam. YSGE-8085-E8
5 5-Jul-2016 Cleaning of clarifier and over head reservoirs and maintenance of pump sets, other misc works at Naval Dockyard,Visakhapatnam YSGE-8086-E8
6 5-Jul-2016 Repair/maintenance of welded cope point boxes and shore supply cope points boxes at N21,N22 jetties at ND(V). YSGE-8089-E8
7 5-Jul-2016 Repair/replacement of burnt LT cables of various sizes including jointing kits,root marker,end terminations at old Dockyard at ND(V). YSGE-8090-E8
8 5-Jul-2016 Filteration of transformers/stabilizers and repairs to low insulation shore supply transformers/stabilizers of marine substations at ND(V). YSGE-8091-E8
9 6-Jul-2016 Repair/replacement of corroded MS/GI pipe lines of Dry Dock at ND(V). YSGE-8092-E8
10 6-Jul-2016 Repair/replacement of gate valves/sluice valves/butteryfly valves at marine jetties at ND(V). YSGE-8093-E8
11 8-Jul-2016 Procurement of Mechanical Spares WEDV/LP/TE/06/15-16
12 11-Jul-2016 Repairs/replacement roof treatment ,false ceiling,flooring and misc civil works of building No 42 at Naval Dockyard,Visakhapatnam YSGE-8087-E8
13 11-Jul-2016 Repairs to crumple/expansion joints,RCC flat/slope roof treatment,parapet walls, including cleaning of sapling growths in accessible and non accessible roofs in wea bldg B,NDV YSGE-8088-E8
14 20-Jul-2016 Repair/maintenance of fresh water pipe line of 09 berth and varuna dock at ND(V). YSGE-8099-E8
15 20-Jul-2016 Repair/maintenance of HT VCBs, LT ACB, MCCBs Decarbonising of HT/LT panel replacement meters with control wiring of Marine sub-station at ND(V). YSGE-8100-E8
16 20-Jul-2016 Repairs to rain water saucer drains,noising angles and connected works along the crane tracks of refit jetties at ND(V). YSGE-8101-E8
17 20-Jul-2016 Repairs to cope point foundations,bollard foundations including rehabilitation of seafacia walls and other connected works at 08 to 10 berth at ND(V). YSGE-8102-E8
18 22-Jul-2016 Repair/replacement of unserviceable MS/DI pipe line of 10 and 8 Berth Marine jetties at ND(V). YSGE-8094-E8
19 22-Jul-2016 Repair/replacement of unserviceable MS/DI pipe line of 10 and 8 Berth Marine jetties at ND(V).  
20 22-Jul-2016 Repair/replacement of Jetty ladders and wooden beadings,nosing angles and chequered plates,gallery cleaning of jetties at ND(V). YSGE-8095-E8

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