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Tenders of : Naval Dockyard, Visakhapatnam
S. No. Expiry Date Title Ref No.
1 28-Aug-2015 Rate contract for removal/laying of cables IN Vessels COM/OFF/ELE/14-15/558 RC-CAB dated 03 Aug 15
2 28-Aug-2015 Removal/laying of old/new cables for PGD and alteration and additions of systems INS JALASHWA COM/JALASHWA/OFF/ELE/15-16/156 dated 03 AUG 15
3 31-Aug-2015 Hiring of services of competent person through RC for test,examination, inspection and certification of lifting machinery and lifting tackles for MPM dept at NDV for 3 years RPYP/SER/15-16/131
4 7-Sep-2015 Three years AMC for 15 nos. EOT cranes of PM Department at ND(V) RPYP/AMC/15-16/030
5 7-Sep-2015 Supply testing and installation of CCTV surveillance system at Naval officers residential area, Visakhapatnam for CSFO dept at ND(V) RPYP/PI/15-16/092
6 7-Sep-2015 Hiring of services of 02 Nos. sniffer dogs with 02 Nos. handlers of CSFO department at ND(V). RPYP/SER/14-15/122
7 7-Sep-2015 Hiring of private security guards of CSFO Department at ND (V). RPYP/SER/15-16/012
8 7-Sep-2015 Supply, testing and commissioning of digital multifunctional printer of MRTC department at ND(V) RPYP/RTC/15-16/087
9 7-Sep-2015 Hiring of services of DSC supporting Civilians of CSFO Department at ND(V) RPYP/SER/14-15/255
11 11-Sep-2015 Rate contract for crimping of guardrail end fittings IN Vessels COM/OFF/OUT/15-16/209
12 14-Sep-2015 Comprehensive AMC for under vehicle surveillance system at kakatiya gate for CSFO Department at ND(V) RPYP/AMC/15-16/122
13 14-Sep-2015 Repairs of anchor chain load testing machine of FAB Department at ND (V). RPYP/OTR/14-15/328
14 14-Sep-2015 Supply, test and commissioning of 01 in No. 400 bar mobile HP air compressor (trailer mounted) for MYS Department at ND(V) RPYP/RTC/15-16/053
15 14-Sep-2015 Major repair/over hauling of 05 Nos. EOT cranes (15/3 ton capacity 04 Nos. and 15/5 ton capacity- 01 No.) for MPM dept at ND (V). RPYP/OTR/15-16/162
16 14-Sep-2015 Hiring of services for stores management services provider for MAT dept at ND (V). RPYP/SER/15-16/133
17 15-Sep-2015 Maint./repair and M and O of sewage installation and pumps at various sewage pump houses and certain buildings, repairs to gallery lights, US DBs at DD service galleries NDV YSGE-8913-E8
18 15-Sep-2015 Repairs/maintenance of security light, bldg./gallery lights and allied works of sub-stations/gallery at operational and refit jetties service galleries at ND (V) YSGE-8914-E8
19 15-Sep-2015 Repairs/maintenance of HT VCBs, LT ACBs, MCCBs decarbonizing HT/LT panel, painting, unserviceable meters with control wiring of Dry Dock and refit sub-stations at ND (V) YSGE-8915-E8
20 15-Sep-2015 Repairs to corroded cope points and decarbonizing and servicing to the operational jetty pillar boxes at Naval Dockyard, Visakhapatnam. YSGE-8916-E8

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