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Tenders of : Naval Dockyard, Visakhapatnam
S. No. Expiry Date Title Ref No.
41 30-Oct-2017 RR of jetty ladders and floors, repairs and cleaning of service galleries and chequered plates and duct covers air vet gratings and other works along Refit jetties at NDV SSGE-8565-E8
42 30-Oct-2017 Repairs/replacement of railing and RCC cover slabs wooden beading adders and chequered plates and duct covers, air vent gratings and other civil works at 10 berth at NDV SSGE-8566-E8
43 30-Oct-2017 Repairs to floor foundation, plastering, duct covers of winch house sub-stations at Naval Dockyard ,Visakhapatnam SSGE-8567-E8
44 31-Oct-2017 Repairs to floor, plumbing, joinery, false ceiling, partitions and connected works of Slipway at Naval Dockyard ,Visakhapatnam SSGE-8568-E8
45 31-Oct-2017 Repairs to wooden beadings, corroded mild steel duct covers of N-33 jetty at Naval Dockyard ,Visakhapatnam SSGE-8569-E8
46 31-Oct-2017 Repairs to PCC/RCC floor, compound wall, jalli wall, sheds and misc works of Slipway and DG bay at Naval Dockyard ,Visakhapatnam SSGE-8570-E8
47 8-Nov-2017 Manning and operation of TR-27 Sub-station at Dry dock area at Naval Dockyard ,Visakhapatnam SSGE-8571-E8
48 8-Nov-2017 Repairs to cylindrical rubber fenders, mild steel chains and connected works of N-33 jetty at Naval Dockyard ,Visakhapatnam SSGE-8572-E8
49 9-Nov-2017 Repairs to stainless steel/mild steel ladders, chequered plates with supporting frames of Slipway jetty at Naval Dockyard ,Visakhapatnam SSGE-8573-E8
50 9-Nov-2017 Repairs/rehabilitation of sea facia walls, galleries and certain civil works of Slipway at Naval Dockyard ,Visakhapatnam SSGE-8574-E8
51 20-Nov-2017 SR of TUG BC Dutt
Corrigendum available
ND(V)/ COM/0331/BCD/NR OL-16/A
52 13-Nov-2017 Repairs to plinth protection, tiling, plastering, toilets including surface finishes of Slipway at Naval Dockyard ,Visakhapatnam SSGE-8575-E8
53 13-Nov-2017 Repairs to PCC floor, cope point foundation, bollard foundations including repairs to galleries of Coast guard jetty at Naval Dockyard ,Visakhapatnam SSGE-8576-E8
54 13-Nov-2017 Repairs to stainless steel railing, chequered tiles, air vents, drains, RCC slabs and certain other works of Slipway, DG bay at Naval Dockyard ,Visakhapatnam SSGE-8577-E8
55 15-Nov-2017 Manning and operation of SCADA/GIS system at 132KV MRS and connected Sub stations at Naval Dockyard ,Visakhapatnam SSGE-8578-E8
56 1-Dec-2017 Manning/maintenance/repairs and operation of sewage installation and pumps at various sewage pump houses of dry dock area and certain buildings at NDV SSGE-8579-E8
57 6-Dec-2017 Repairs to hard standing/path/plinth protection in front of 42 bldgs at Naval Dockyard ,Visakhapatnam SSGE-8585-E8
58 6-Dec-2017 Repairs to joinery,flooring,parapet/facia wall around meghadri auditorium and verandah of admin bldg at Naval Dockyard ,Visakhapatnam SSGE-8586-E8
59 16-Dec-2017 Repairs to plastered external surface of 42 bldg and certain admin bldg at area A at Naval Dockyard Visakhapatnam SSGE-8581-E8
60 16-Dec-2017 Repairs to external plastered surface of weapon bldg at Naval Dockyard, Visakhapatnam SSGE-8582-E8

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