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Product/Service : Railways
S.No. Expiry Date Title and Ref. No. Name of Dept./Orgn.
81 28-Jun-2016 Application for appointment of halt contractor at Belanki Halt station of Solapur division
SUR/C/COG/210/Belani Halt Station/16
Central Railway,Solapur
82 28-Jun-2016 Running contract for Scrap Residual Dropped Coal to be valid for one year.
MM/ECoR/S-6/Residual dropped coal/2016-17/WAT
East Coast Railway,Bhubaneswar
83 28-Jun-2016 Shifting of Starter signals
North Eastern Railway,Bareilly
84 28-Jun-2016 Mechanized washing of Linen
Corrigendum available
North Eastern Railway,Lucknow
85 28-Jun-2016 Interlocking of LC
North Eastern Railway,Bareilly
86 28-Jun-2016 AMC of GG Tronics Axle Counter
North Eastern Railway,Bareilly
87 28-Jun-2016 Hiring of New vehicle Tavera/Zylo/Innovaor equivalent type Vehicle for official use of Sr.DOM/ JHS, for 12 Hours. (Including One Driver Fuel, Insurance of Vehicle , etc
JHS/T/OPTG/1 /2016
North Central Railway,Jhansi
88 29-Jun-2016 H/San/Stn Contract /CIC
H/San/Stn Contract /CIC
Corrigendum available
East Central Railway,Dhanbad
89 29-Jun-2016 Welding of rail joints with 52 Kg 60 Kg portion with contractors materials and equipments in connection with track renewal and maintenance works and supply of SKV welding kit
Corrigendum available
Central Railway,Mumbai
90 29-Jun-2016 Supply of AT(SKV Process) welding portion of 52 kg (90UTS) and 60 kg including all consumables material etc. in Mumbai Division
Corrigendum available
Central Railway,Mumbai
91 29-Jun-2016 Part A Extension of cover over platform toward PF end at Chandrapur
18/2016 of 09.05.2016
Corrigendum available
Central Railway,Nagpur
92 29-Jun-2016 Nagpur- Proposed operation and running of waste water recycling plant at Nagpur
19/2016 OF 10.05.2016
Corrigendum available
Central Railway,Nagpur
93 29-Jun-2016 Proposed manufacturing, fabricating and supplying and ion of
20/2016-01 OF 16.05.2016
Corrigendum available
Central Railway,Nagpur
94 29-Jun-2016 Repairs to tunnel No. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 on UP road by grouting
20/2016-02 of 16.05.2016
Corrigendum available
Central Railway,Nagpur
95 29-Jun-2016 Ajni Emergency water supply arrangement 2016-2017 Supply of potable drinking water
22/2016-01 OF 20.05.2016
Corrigendum available
Central Railway,Nagpur
96 29-Jun-2016 Ajni: Guarding and maintenance of Sports Ground at Ajni for 2 years
22/2016-02 OF 20.05.2016
Corrigendum available
Central Railway,Nagpur
97 29-Jun-2016 Deep screening of track by BCM machines Total 62.702 km. (excluding yard) in DUG- KWN section under Sr. DEN/East /NGP.
SEC Railway Bilaspur,Nagpur
98 29-Jun-2016 Deep screening of yards (manually) total 31 Km. in DUG-KWN section under Sr. DEN/East/ NGP.
SEC Railway Bilaspur,Nagpur
99 29-Jun-2016 Execution of Zonal work for the period ending upto 30.06.2017 of Service Building under the jurisdiction of ADEN (W) Nagpur
SEC Railway Bilaspur,Nagpur
100 29-Jun-2016 Execution of Zonal work for the period ending upto 30 06 2017 of Narrow Guage Work Shop Motibagh including White washing colour washing Painting under the jurisdiction of
SEC Railway Bilaspur,Nagpur
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