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The latest 100 Tenders published on this portal by various Indian Government Departments, Public Sector Units, Public Sector Banks, State Government Departments and other Government Organisations across the country are listed here. For other active tenders, please use the Search option.
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S. No. Expiry Date Title and Ref. No. Name of Dept./Orgn.
21 2-May-2014 Cutting of kutcha drain on both sides of CT road during monsoon period at Ananta OC Project.
Mahanadi Coalfields Limited,Sambalpur
22 28-Apr-2014 Safe disposal of bio-medical waste of Area Hospital and other two (2) dispensary of Majri Area
Western Coalfields Limited,Chandrapur
23 2-May-2014 Supply and laying of metal and moorum for repair and maintenance of roads inside and around the mine during monsoon for the year 2014 at Ananta OC Project.
Mahanadi Coalfields Limited,Sambalpur
24 25-Apr-2014 Drivage 1No. Drift (Drift No 4) from overlying index Seam (UK Seam) to MK Seam (Middle Kotma) of Length 90 M at a gradient 1:6 at 5/6 Incline of Jamuna UGRO of Jamuna Kotma Ar
SECL/J AND K/DYGM(C)/14-15/03
South Eastern Coalfields Limited,JAMUNA KOTMA
25 28-Apr-2014 Cleaning of drain and garbage of 908 M type quarters at BIT of LKP Area (for 1 month)
Mahanadi Coalfields Limited,Sambalpur
26 13-May-2014 Providing and maintaining of proper cooling system in operator cabin and PCC unit of 3 nos. 24/96 Draglines at Jayant Project (A) One no. 1.5 Te Split A.C. in operator cabin f
JNT/GM(Excv)/25/2014-15/ 009
Northern Coalfields Limited (NCL), Singrauli,Sidhi
27 29-Apr-2014 Hiring of one no. covered jeep (Bolero or equivalent) on 12 hrs duty basis, for 01 year (341 days) for ADM-Cum-Zone Officer, MCL, Brajrajnagar.
Mahanadi Coalfields Limited,Sambalpur
28 2-May-2014 Deepening and development of pond near Jatra Mandap of village Balunga Khamar CSR, Lingaraj Area
MCL/GM(LA)/ e-T/SO(C)/14-15/03,dt-19.04.2014
Mahanadi Coalfields Limited,Sambalpur
29 26-Apr-2014 Replacing of G.I. pipe line for old C type quarter at Sasti Cleaning of workshop premises and ETP white washing et Repairs to compound wall of workshop premises at Sasti Diste
ba3605-civ- 0003-2014-15
Western Coalfields Limited,Chandrapur
30 27-Apr-2014 Supply of Bearings for Junad OCM
Western Coalfields Limited,Wani
31 29-Apr-2014 Repairing of Tertex Pay Loader No. OD 23 0835 attached to mine No. 4, Orient Sub Area of Orient Area,
Mahanadi Coalfields Limited,Sambalpur
32 29-Apr-2014 Laying ,dismantling of 10 /12 inch dia pipe, installation and Operation of HT and LT pumps at Khadia Project
Northern Coalfields Limited (NCL), Singrauli,Khadia
33 27-Apr-2014 Repair of 3.3 kV OH Line Feeder to Junad OCM
Western Coalfields Limited,Wani
34 29-May-2014 M/S ADITYA CASHEWS
Indian Bank,Visakhapatnam
35 27-Apr-2014 Dismantling of Old Overhead Lines at Junad OCM
Western Coalfields Limited,Wani
36 29-Apr-2014 Installation of pump set, pontoon and allied items at west cut and mid entry in coal section of Khadia Project
Northern Coalfields Limited (NCL), Singrauli,Khadia
37 2-May-2014 Repairing works
Western Coalfields Limited,Chandrapur
38 27-Apr-2014 Fabrication of pontoon from old and unserviceable segments for monsoon 2014 at Junad Extn. OCM
Western Coalfields Limited,Wani
39 29-Apr-2014 Operation and running maintenance of pump at west cut, main entry and mid entry in coal section of Khadia Project
Northern Coalfields Limited (NCL), Singrauli,Khadia
40 29-Apr-2014 Making of complete new MS pontoon and pontoon shed and minor overhauling of 03 nos MS pontoon at Khadia Project
Northern Coalfields Limited (NCL), Singrauli,Khadia
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